Before we begin our journey together, I always recommend booking a free 15-minute consultation with me. This way, we can determine what your needs are and if I am the one to fulfill them. At Favorite Fuel I focus on the three pillars mentioned below. If you feel you want to learn more and improve any or all of these pillars, I am here to support you with insightful tips and my own experience.

Nutrition - Sleep - Movement

Customized Supplement Check and Advice

If you already have supplements in your home and aren't sure if they meet your specific needs, or if you're new to supplements and looking for a personalized plan, my service is just for you. If you choose this service, you can count on a comprehensive analysis of your supplement needs. The first step involves filling out an informative supplement intake form. Then I perform a thorough analysis for you. Finally, you will receive a customized plan delivered directly to your mailbox. This plan will serve as a guide, tailored to your individual needs, providing you with clarity on the supplements that fit your health and wellness goals.

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Lifestyle Analysis & Self Implementation

Take control on your way to a healthier lifestyle with my Lifestyle Analysis & Self Implementation service. Get started with personal questions and an intake document, leading to a thorough intake session of about 1.5 hours. From there, I create a customized treatment plan, consult on it during our first session, and empower you for autonomous implementation - your commitment to change is central without additional guidance from me.

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Lifestyle Analysis and Coaching

Uncover your full potential with my lifestyle analysis and health coaching. Begin your journey with personal questions in a brief intake form. Immerse yourself in an in-depth consultation of approximately 1.5 hours with me, allowing me to gather all essential information to create your personalized treatment plan. Stay aligned with monthly check-ins to ensure ongoing support and guidance throughout your transformational journey.

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Individual Health Consultation

If the above services are not what you are looking for, I offer individual health consultations. You feel like you just want some general advice about your current health situation, schedule a 1-hour consultation with me.

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