Household Products

To change your living space into a place of wellbeing, it is important to choose the household products you use carefully. Examples are All-Purpose-Cleaner, but also shampoo, detergent or air freshener. Some ingredients in these products can have a range of effects, from causing respiratory and skin irritation to lasting effects on the environment and body. Before choosing a product, take a closer look at the ingredients, because the choices you make have impact on your health and the environment. You want to prevent products with artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. For a healthier living, choose products from trusted brands that are committed to safety and sustainability.

Marcel's Green Soap

Marcel works tirelessly to fulfill his three commitments: he ensures that Marcel's Green Soap not only has a pleasant fragrance and an effective effect, but also a strong commitment to environmental friendliness. Marcel's Green Soap is available in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

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